ABC Order


Suggested Time: 45 minutes


Maryland State Curriculum:

5.D.1 Recognize conventional spelling in and through personal and academic reading.


Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students:

2.A.1.cExplain how technology tools have or can be used to meet the needs of


2.B.1.b) Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others when using technology 3.C.1.dInput and analyze information in a predefined spreadsheet or database*

5.B.1.dEvaluate the effectiveness of technology tools for organizing information


Behavioral Objective:Students will be able to sort words into ABC order using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Resources Needed:

File ~ ABCOrderShow

Computer Lab/Classroom Computers, Printer

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint


Links to Prior Knowledge:

Students should know the order of the alphabet.



1.Say- Why is it important to be able to put words in ABC Order?Why is important to know what word comes first?(i.e., to find them in a dictionary) This activity will give you some tips for learning how to identify what word comes first in a group of words. It will help you to become better at organizing words in alphabetical order.

  1. Students log onto the computer.
  2. Open the File~ ABCOrderShow.pps (located on the student resource page).
  3. As students follow on the computer, the teacher should go through the first example as a whole class. (Depending on ability level, students may complete independently.)
  4. After reviewing the first example, students should progress through the show independently.
  5. On the last page students should click to begin the worksheet.
  6. When completing the worksheet students will type in their name and then click on the yellow boxes and drag them to compare the letters.
  7. Then they will click on the blue circles to select the word that comes first in alphabetical order.Note:If the studentís answer is incorrect the computer will NOT prompt them to correct his or her answer.
  8. When students have completed this activity, they may go to File/Print/OK and turn the worksheet in to the teacher.
  9. Students will not be able to save this document.
  10. Discuss with the class the effectiveness of technology (Microsoft Excel) for identifying and sorting words into ABC order.




Worksheet the students completed and printed



Students may work with a partner to make other words to be put in ABC Order.To create a new worksheet, students may open the file ABC Review.xls within the fourth grade/abc order folder. Students should then save the file under their log in.After doing this, they can change the words and make a new worksheet for a friend to complete.



Students may work with a partner or in groups.

You may change the words that are used in this activity to meet the needs of your students.


Extension Activities:

        Students may complete the follow up activity.