Queen Anne’s County Board of Education

Kent Island High School

Electronic Communication Devices Policy


Cellular Phones


·        Written authorization from the parent/legal custodian or eligible student (18 years and older) to a school administrator indicating that the student is in possession of the phone.  Each letter will be kept on file during each school year (includes summer school).


·        A student may not have the phone in his/her possession without this written authorization and administrative approval.


·        During regular transportation to and from school and during regular school hours, cellular phones must be deactivated and out of sight; they must be kept in a bookbag, backpack, purse, secure pocket or locker.  Cellular phones may not be used during these times.


·        After regular school hours/general dismissal, cell phones may be used if students are participating in non-academic activities – e.g. athletics, clubs, drama, etc.


·        If students are participating in an after-school academic activity, cellular phones may be used with the permission of the activity’s sponsor. 


·        If traveling to or from a school-sponsored activity via bus, cellular phones may be used with the sponsor’s/coach’s permission.


·        Unauthorized use of cellular phones will result in disciplinary action which may include confiscation of the phone until it is returned to its owner or surrender to law enforcement officers or loss of phone possessions privileges.


·        If cellular phones or their usage become disruptive during and/or after regular school hours, their possession will be prohibited.


·        Cell phones may not be used for photographing purposes.



I have read and understand the above policy and grant permission for my student,


____________________________ to carry a cellular phone.

(Please Print Student’s Name)


 ____________________________ Parent/Custodian


_____________________________ Date